Monday, September 28, 2009

Mini Meditation - Inner Peace

It is said that the people of the world will never live in peace, until they have found peace within themselves.

There is a system of action in our universe, and it all begins within ourselves. We think, then we feel, then we act, our actions carry on to others, influence their thoughts, and so on.

If we begin by creating positive, loving thoughts, then our actions will follow in the same manner. Acting in loving, caring ways, we create a more peaceful environment within ourselves and for our neighbors. Then the next person may begin to turn their thoughts to the positive, do positive deeds, and expound upon the peace initiated.

Take a few deep breaths. Imagine your body brimming with peace. Imagine what it would look like to be at peace within your body. Think of all the organs functioning in unison, healthy and full of life. Then focus on your breathing. You want to draw in goodness and expel negative energies. Try any of these:
Breath In Love. Exhale Doubt.
Breath In Joy. Exhale Fear.
Breath In Light. Exhale Dark.
Breath In Health. Exhale Toxins.

At any time during the day when you feel your peace encroached upon, take a deep breath and remember to draw in goodness and expel the negative. First you must create a peace within your being, before you can help create peace in this world.

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