Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crystal Clear : Amethyst

Amethyst is one of those stones that most people are drawn to, whether it is because they find a connection with it's soothing powers, psychic enhancement, or simply because of it's color.

It is the birthstone of February and fits the characteristics of a Pisces or Aquarius. Amethyst's properties suit those who are in-tune with the spiritual world, seeking mental clarity or seeking a source of creativity.

I have recently used a small, but very powerful crystal next to my bed to relieve anxious dreaming. Amethyst is said to draw away negative energies and calm the mind. Since I have been using the stone, it has worked wonders. My anxious dreams have completely ceased! If you are considering doing this in your home, I suggest that you cleanse your amethyst every few days...or else you will find its power weakening...and the dreams will begin to strengthen.

As for psychic enhancement, amethyst creates a bridge between the "what you see" reality and the "psychic" reality. Intuition plays a large role in many lives, and you may use amethyst if you sense an imbalance of your realities, or to protect yourself from the negative energies absorbed via intuition.

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