Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bit-O'-Herbs: Chamomile

Singing its Praises: Egyptians use to worship Chamomile for its healing properties. Greek physicians used it to cure fevers and female disorders. Many beauty salons offer their customers chamomile tea to relax the facial muscles before their treatments.

Parts of the Plant: The leaves, when dried, are especially useful in potpourri as their apple-like scent is long lasting. The active ingredients for teas, compresses and baths of Chamomile are found in the yellow center of the flower. To active, boil for 20 min.

Uses and Remedies: Yellow chamomile flowers(Anthemis tinctoria) may be boiled for a strong yellow-brown dye. You may infuse the flowers to make your tonics, teas, etc. Also, as a cosmetic remedy, try infusing it as a facial steam. It is said to soften and reduce the redness of irritated skin. Herbal eye pillows with chamomile will inflammation and reduce dark circles.

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